Stress Reduction

Stress is the most pervasive malady of our time. The effects on our health, productivity and quality of life are more devastating than most people care to admit. Luckily, you've just found the solution! CVR can help you see yourself as the healthy, happy, optimistic person you'd prefer to be. With this new image, your fears and frustrations fade away, your anxiety vanishes, and you no longer let small things stress you.

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Balancing Your Life

Obtaining Harmony During this Life Cycle

Mastering Menopause

Controlling Night Sweats and Hot Flashes

Eliminating Brain Fog and Improving Your Memory

Balancing Emotional and Physical Changes

Staying Centered In Times of Uncertainty

Increasing Your Energy and Releasing Fatigue

Mastering the Physical Changes that Occur

Tips for Quick Relief

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Creative Visualization

CMT Device

Your brain works in four frequencies, known as Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. These four frequencies determine whether you are focused (Beta), relaxed and creative (Alpha), deeply meditative (Theta), or asleep (Delta). Your brain naturally experiences all of these states at one time or another. For instance, you may become so involved in watching television that you stop paying attention to your surroundings and lose all sense of time. When you do this, you have entered the Alpha state.


The light and sound technology in the CVR guides your mind into a desired mental state - the perfect state for making life changes such as losing weight, quitting smoking, vanquishing a bad habit, reducing stress, overcoming fears, and so forth. This is done through pulses of light and sound set at the frequency of the desired state of mind. For instance, to achieve gentle relaxation, the lights and sounds are set to the Alpha frequency.


Research has shown that significant relaxation and creative visualization take place at the Alpha and Theta levels, so most CVR sessions will guide you through one or both of those states before bringing you back to Beta, a state of normal wakefulness.

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Feeling Funkabulous

Feeling Funkabulous

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CMT Device

CVR Device

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