Easy to understand, but profound wisdom for women seeking a deeper understanding of what happens to their bodies and minds as they reach the age of forty and beyond. A must read for everyone!

Super Health Nation

Ivy has done an excellent job of showing us that life doesn't stop at middle age.

Pat Williams - Senior Vice President, Orlando Magic

Feeling Funkabulous is an easy read that will shift your consciousness to one of happiness, life satisfaction and abundance. I highly recommend this terrific book.

Ken Donaldson, M.A. L.M.H.C - Author of Marry Yourself First!

This is a book you'll remember for a very long time.

Alice Anderson, Ph.D - Author of 50 Books in 12 Years

Feeling Funkabulous is refreshing and positive. The storyline has valuable lessons for every woman.

Birgit Zacher Hanson - Co-Author of Who Will Do What By When?

Ivy's writing is always inspiring, and Feeling Funkabulous is no different. The book is uplifting, positive and motivating.

Dr. Sheri Lerner - Author of Bouncing Back From Pregnancy

Meet The Author

Ivy Gilbert

Ivy Gilbert


Successful entrepeneur, author and Certified Life Coach, Ivy Gilbert has written or edited over twenty books. Her coaching and consulting practices use a combination of goal-setting, philosophy and personally developed processes that are inspired by the Law of Attraction to help empower and inspire her clients to create abundance and success in every area of their lives. She has always had a relentless commitment to personal growth and achievement and utilizes the knowledge she has accumulated to assist her clients with their personal goals and endeavors.


Ivy's background has included 25 years in business with an extensive concentration in finance, management, sales and business development. She had one of the largest financial planning practices in the country and received numerous accolades (including the Woman of Distinction Award) from organizations for her dedication to women's financial independence. For the past twelve years she has worked as a consultant, and over the last year her efforts have been focused on building a solar energy company. Ivy has also been a featured speaker at seminars around the country and was a regular guest speaker on cable TV.

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Feeling Funkabulous

Feeling Funkabulous

From Funky to Fabulous After Forty




Feeling Funkabulous

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