Baby-Boomers - Your time has just begun!

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October, 2010


Though the media continues to try to make baby boomers feel as though they are over the hill, no longer attractive and that their time is up, many are rising to the surface to say, “Our time has just begun.” They are fighting back. They no longer want to be pushed or influenced by the media that tells them they have to be twenty or thirty to compete or achieve their dreams. People like Susan Boyle, Brett Farve, Dara Torres and so many others are a beacon of light trying to lead the way for others, above the age of forty, toward their own dreams and desires.

You can do, be or accomplish anything regardless of the amount of sand left in your hour glass. Pat Williams, Senior Vice President of the Orlando Magic stated, “My wife, Ruth, is a perfect example. After raising 19 children she still had the time to write books and acquire her Ph.D. in her sixties. Don’t hold back. Go for it!”

Barry Myers and Ivy Gilbert decided that this was exactly what they were going to do as well. They didn’t want his music to fade inside of him and her ideas to dry up like ink on her hands even though they were both well over the age of forty and fast approaching the half-century mark. Together they decided it was time to pursue some of their dreams and desires.

Ivy saw how women struggled with their bodies and identities as they reached the age of forty. Confident women lost their confidence. Some women questioned their self-worth, while others found themselves unhappy for no particular reason. Along with the emotional roller-coaster that many found themselves on, they experienced mental anguish over how their bodies were changing. These women weren’t menopausal, but there was obviously a transition occurring that they couldn’t quite identify other than being and feeling off or funky.

Ivy, the ultimate optimist, reached out to these women with her positive, encouraging voice, but she wanted to help more women – especially those who couldn’t identify what was happening to themselves. She wanted to write a book to help women through this transition, to let them know they weren’t alone, and to help them focus on the positives in their lives so that they could move forward with more self-worth and happiness.

Encouraging her dream and wanting to be a part of it, Barry thought it would be nice to have a CD as part of the book. Even though he was a singer-songwriter, he had never tackled such a big project, but was excited by the thought of it.
So Ivy wrote each night, and together they began to use the tools she was writing about. As they did, their synergy and desire grew. They began to believe that anything was possible. The more focused they became, the more insight they received. Barry began expressing this through his music, and as he did, people began to show up out of thin air to help. People such as the guitar legend, Pat Travers, soon ended up playing lead guitar on some of the songs; and Sean Shannon, drummer and producer, was inspired to play drum and produce the album.

So as the words flowed, so did the music. The result: Ivy Gilberts’s book, FEELING FUNKABULOUS – From Funky to Fabulous After Forty, an inspirational story and self-help book that teaches life-lessons to help the reader get through and understand those funky years, realize that it is never too late to achieve their dreams, focus on the positives and live a life of happiness.

The compelling, upbeat album, 7th AVENUE, a CD written and sung by Barry Myers was also created with its delicate melodies and driving edge. With its own unique style of hard/soft rock, it is enjoyed by both men and women of all ages.

Ivy received her AARP card this week and remembers how old 50 used to appear to be. But not for these two, they are already planning their second book and CD. They believe they can only get better with age, and they no longer believe that it is simply a saying to compensate for being over 40. With a positive mental attitude, they both believe that anyone can achieve anything they set their minds to… regardless of their age.



7th Avenue CD

Barry Myers
Featuring 9 tracks



Feeling Funkabulous

Feeling Funkabulous

From Funky to Fabulous After Forty




Feeling Funkabulous

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